Saturday, August 12, 2006


So now I've got sprouts happening.
I checked the glass at home, and 5 out of 7 soybeans have sprouted. OK, they're viable. That means that, in addition to watering the edamame today, I've got to plant the soybeans that I started soaking last night (just to give them a start on growing.

On my way out to the garden, I stopped by East End Garden Centre, and bought myself a watering can and a bag of vermiculite. More on the vermiculite later.

Here's what I was met with at the garden plot -- edamame sprouts! The cotyledons are above ground for more than half of them. I can guess at which of the little plantlets are the edamame based on the spacing.

I should have used the technique from "Square Foot Gardening" that really helps identify sown seed. Where you want to plant a seed, partially fill the hole with vermiculite. Water it. Plant the seed. Fill the rest of the hole with vermiculite. Water again.

Vermiculite gives the seed a good growing medium to start in, and it's *really* obvious compared to the soil. The plants should be easily identified: they're the ones in the middle of the pile of vermiculite! As you can see, I used that technique today when I planted the soybeans. A few rows here, a couple over here, one long one in the middle... lots of walking space around the plants.

48 plants of soybeans in all -- dunno what I'll do with the beans, if they actually grow! I want them mostly for their nitrogen-fixing ability.

That's it for today -- time to go eat some dinner (hmm... boiled and salted edamame? Nah, think I'll go for gourmet pizza tonight).

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