Monday, July 02, 2007

I have tomatoes on my tomato plants!

It's true.

I've been watering them once a week since I planted them.

I went down to the garden today to put cages around them for support (before they get too big, or the cages wouldn't fit around them then: I'd be breaking stems off).

Just about every tomato plant has tomatoes already -- and lots more flowers, indicating tomatoes to come.
Here is a picture of some of the black cherry tomatoes,

as well as a shot of the eight plants (plus two basil).

I planted three birdhouse gourd plants today (they take a lot of space). 120 days to ripen. I should be able to harvest them around Thanksgiving, and then dry them out and drill openings in them.


Sandy Kemsley said...

Looking good! Caprese salad is not far off...

pat said...

Stop me if I decide I need a yak to make my own Buffalo Mozzarella...