Sunday, May 11, 2008

Now I've done it

I took a little walk to East End Garden centre yesterday to buy plants for the two planters (front living room window, front of porch) that are sitting completely empty. Bought some lovely plants (potato vines, double impatiens, petunias). Also saw some other plants that I couldn't quite resist, because I had such luck last summer.

I bought 4 San Marzano tomato plants.

If you know my house and its situation, you know that my back yard has become almost completely shaded over the last eleven years. So it's definitely not a place to grow tomatoes.

So I will be planting them in the front garden. Among the roses. Heck, flower and vegetable gardens were never separate things in the middle ages to Renaissance. The French called them potagers.

Why not? Maybe the thorns will help protect them from raccoons and other thieves. If not, I bought another set of four plants to serve as centurions guarding the tomatoes.

Jalapeno peppers.

I chortle with glee. We'll see if I'm successful. My front yard, although it gets more sun than my back yard, doesn't get any where near as much sun as the allotment gardens at the base of Leslie Street get.

Cross your fingers for me!